About Michelle

Michelle Blondin
Michelle Blondin, IFBB Pro Fitness

I began coaching Women’s Artistic gymnastics in 1999.  My love of coaching and athletics led me to enter the fitness industry in 2007 when I took a job at Curves.  I loved coaching women in strength training. I continued to expand my education and expertise to further my work in health and fitness.  I now specialize in weight loss, general health, healthy lifestyle changes, mindset coaching for athletes, mindset coaching for self-compassion, acro/gymnastics skills, and fitness competition prep for open and amateur level.


  • Master of Science in Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Fitness and Health Promotion diploma


  • TRX® Group Training
  • TRX® Functional Training
  • TRX® Suspension Training
  • TRX® for Yoga
  • Schwinn® Cycling Instructor Training
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Pilates Mat Instructor
  • Yoga Exercise Specialist
  • Kids Yoga Teacher
  • YMCA Basic Theory for Instructors
  • YMCA Group Fitness Leader
  • NCCP Level Two Artistic Gymnastics Coach
  • NCCP Level One Trampoline Coach


I believe that physical and mental health are fundamental to an individual’s self-esteem.  Confidence allows people to show up, lean in and meaningfully contribute to all areas of their lives.  Fitness is one of the simplest yet profound ways to foster a sense of personal empowerment. Establishing healthy lifestyle habits sets the individual up with a routine to practice discipline and moderation through conscientious choices.  When our lifestyle choices are in alignment with our fitness goals, success is inevitable. The pursuit of health and wellness is a journey that takes time, commitment, and encouragement. My greatest passion is providing guidance and mentorship to people seeking physical and mental wellbeing.  


In 2014, I gained 30 pounds over the course of a year due to a sedentary desk job and a pattern of emotional eating .  While I was still working out at the time, my nutrition practices were hindering my efforts in the gym. I went on Weight Watchers and later used Flexible Dieting (macros) to dial in my nutrition and lose the body fat I had gained.   

In 2017, I started competing in Fitness competitions and fell in love with the sport.  It allowed me to increase my strength, develop my acro skills and enhance my physique through bodybuilding.  In 2018, I earned my IFBB Pro Card in Fitness.  Through my own experience with weight loss and Fitness competitions, I’ve learned to see food as fuel but also an enjoyable part of life.  I choose to fuel my body in a way that supports my goals but I also practice moderation and enjoy occasional treats. I’ve found that a mindset focused on my consistent daily efforts in nutrition and fitness rather than on the number on the scale creates more meaningful and sustainable results.  This has become a valuable practice in my own fitness goals and in the goals of those I’m coaching.  

Skills I am Working

Push-up Series in my Routine.

Tick tock into splits, croc cast to forearm stand.